Tire Storage Options

Tire Storage Options in Vermillion Alberta

Do you have a large number of tires that are just taking up space in your backyard? Are they creating an eyesore, or worse yet, a safety hazard? If so, then there is no need to worry. There are many options when it comes to tire storage and disposal.

Vermillion Chrysler is a full-service Parts Centre offering various tire management services, including affordable storage solutions. Our customers benefit from the tire storage services when they come in for a tire change.

One great thing about working with Vermillion Chrysler is that we are a locally owned dealer, so your business is appreciated by our team members as well. You experience tire storage advantages such as seasonal storage period, affordable rates, and flexible payment options by storing your tires with us.

Our car storage facilities are climate-controlled to protect your tires from extremes. Your tires lifespan will be preserved, safe and secure with our fully monitored cameras and alarms.

How We Sell and Installs New Tires for Customers

Not only do we store your tires, but we also sell and install new tires for customers. We have experts who install and balance all kinds of tires. They install the tires correctly, so you have less chance of having tire-related problems. Make sure to contact us to enjoy our services.

All our mechanics are equipped and certified to handle your new tires properly. You can rest assured that they will be safely mounted on your vehicle by an expert with many years of experience who understands the importance of safety in cars.

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Whether you need a place to keep your winter tires or need help with installation, we have got you covered. We offer storage options as well as tire installation and mounting services at our Vermillion Chrysler location.

We also offer a variety of service appointments that will help keep your tires properly stored and cared for at all times. From the time we get on-site until our last step is done, we’ll ensure everything’s taken care of with safety as the number one priority.

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