Signs Your Car Needs Maintenance

Knowing When Your Vehicle Needs Maintenance

When it comes to knowing when your vehicle needs maintenance, it can be challenging to identify which systems require attention and which can go for a bit longer. At Vermillion Chrysler, we strive to help our customers understand their vehicle’s needs better, and we can inspect your vehicle’s systems to know their current condition. Since driving in various environments can affect the lifespan of components and fluids, we advise that you bring your vehicle to our Service Centre for a multi-point inspection.



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my car needs maintenance?

If your vehicle is newer, it will sometimes have digital reminders to take it in for maintenance. However, it’s best to speak to the technician and follow the recommended intervals listed on the oil change sticker, owner’s manual, and recommendations from the Service Centres.

What is a typical maintenance schedule for a car?

The typical maintenance schedule for a car could be six months or 5,000 kilometres for oil changes, but some models can withstand longer intervals; thus, make sure to check your vehicle’s owner manual for the specific schedule for your car.

What car maintenance is really necessary?

Maintenance is necessary if you want your vehicle to last its entire lifespan and ensure it performs at its best while remaining safe for road use. As maintenance gets neglected, you will start to feel issues with drivability, and as more components require attention, your vehicle will become unsafe to operate.

What maintenance does a car need & how often?

Many components and fluids require regular maintenance, but the change intervals vary depending on few factors such as mileage, driving habits, and the driving environment. Also, depending on the model and trim you own, you will have different maintenance recommendations.

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