Ram Truck Fuel Economy

Ram Truck Fuel Economy in Vermilion, Alberta

The Ram has come a long way from its initial inception. The days of gas-guzzling un-efficient Ram trucks are behind us. Ram engineers have spent a lot of time and resources improving fuel economy results on all Ram trucks. Three significant areas of improvement that Ram engineers focused on to enhance fuel economy include a reduction in overall weight, improvement in drivetrain technologies, and designing a truck with the best-in-class aerodynamics. These enhancements have resulted in the most fuel-efficient Ram truck ever. Below you can find answers too many of the questions truck owners have like What is the fuel economy of a Ram 1500? and How many L/100km does a Diesel truck get? Fuel economy numbers for Ram 1500 are below:

The Truck Segment And The Rise of The Ram

The sale of pickup trucks are taking up more of the market than ever before. In 2019 considered the 4th strongest-year in vehicle sales, pickup truck sales followed the trendsetting a record of 403,749 units. The best truck depends on your needs and wants. Whether you are always on the job site, working on the farm, or just love the aesthetics of driving a truck. There are many options available to automotive consumers; however, in 2019, only one truck rose more than 25% in sales. The 2019 and 2020 Motor Trend Truck of the Year the Ram 1500.

Truck consumers in the market for a new pickup truck look at many factors and conduct an abundance of research before deciding on the truck they want. An important factor for many has become fuel economy as the price of fuel has been steadily increasing. Traditionally, operating a vehicle the size of a pickup truck could potentially result in higher fuel costs, however with the introduction of improved engine technologies including diesel and electric assist, trucks have improved in this category. Fortunately, at Vermilion Chrysler, we have a large selection of fuel-efficient, luxurious, and capable Ram trucks for sale. Browse our inventory either at our location or online to find the best Ram 1500 fuel economy in Vermilion, Alberta

2020 Ram 1500 Fuel Economy Ratings

Year/Model Engine Fuel Economy
2020 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel 3.0 V6 10.5 City 7.3 Hwy 9.0 Comb.
2020 Ram 1500 HFE eTorque 3.6 V6 11.6 City 9.0 Hwy 10.4 Comb.
2020 Ram 1500 eTorque 3.6 V6 11.9 City 9.4 Hwy 10.8 Comb.
2020 Ram 1500 4×4 EcoDiesel 3.0 V6 11.1 City 8.0 Hwy 9.7 Comb.
2020 Ram 1500 4×4 eTorque 3.6 V6 12.2 City 9.7 Hwy 11.1 Comb.
2020 Ram 1500 Classic 3.6 V6 13.9 City 9.6 Hwy 11.9 Comb.
2020 Ram 1500 eTorque 3.6 V6 14.1 City 10.3 Hwy 12.4 Comb.
2020 Ram 1500 Classic 4×4 3.6 V6 14.5 City 10.2 Hwy 12.6 Comb.
2020 Ram 1500 4×4 eTorque 5.7 V8 14.2 City 10.9 Hwy 12.8 Comb.
2020 Ram 1500 Classic 5.7 V8 15.7 City 11.0 Hwy 13.6 Comb.
2020 Ram 1500 5.7 V8 16.2 City 10.5 Hwy 13.6 Comb.
2020 Ram 1500 4×4 5.7 V8 16.1 City 11.0 Hwy 13.8 Comb.
2020 Ram 1500 Classic 4×4 5.7 V8 16.2 City 11.6 Hwy 14.1 Comb.

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