Getting Your Vehicle Winter Ready

Getting Your Vehicle Winter Ready

Getting your vehicle winter-ready is an essential aspect of vehicle maintenance. At Vermillion Chrysler, in Vermillion, Alberta, we can help you with these tasks. You can schedule a service appointment through our Service Centre to your vehicle’s tires, fluids, and more check out or replace for the winter months.

Services offered at Vermillion Chrysler:

Clean and Check Your Battery

Often, corrosion buildup on battery posts and the terminals can cause problems in cold weather and prevent your vehicle from recharging your battery. You can disconnect the negative cable first, then the positive cable to clean the battery terminals. You can also schedule a service appointment to have this done professionally for you.



Tire Change or New Tires

This can come in two forms. You can choose to replace your existing tires with winter tires if you notice that the tire tread is low or wearing. You can also opt for a tire change and swap your summer tires for winters.




Changing or topping up vehicle fluids

Making sure your vehicle’s fluids are topped up during the winter is essential. You can check that your coolant is in working shape by using a digital multimeter.




Frequently Asked Questions

When should I change winter tires?

The best time to change a winter tire is a few weeks before ushering in the first winter month.

Are all-season tires good for winter?

All-season tires are good for bare pavements and the rainy season. However, winter tires are meant explicitly for winter conditions and temperatures below zero degrees.

How much are winter tires?

Winter tire’s prices can range depending on where you buy them and which brand they are.

How long do winter tires last?

Manufacturers estimate that winter tires can last up to six seasons depending on several factors, including weather conditions, your driving style, and much more.

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