Enjoy the Many Safety Features in the Dodge Charger at Vermilion Chrysler Ltd.

At Vermilion Chrysler Ltd., we take pride in our popular performance sedans like the Dodge Charger.

With the Dodge Charger comes a variety of great safety features that you will learn to appreciate like the Hill Start Assist. This feature, in particular, will help apply brake pressure for a brief moment during the time that you release the brake and press on the accelerator. For those of you living in an area with hills and mountains, you will appreciate this feature. Another feature that you will find to be very beneficial is the adaptive cruise control with stop. This means your Charger can automatically match the speed of the vehicle ahead of you even if they slow down to a complete stop.

To find out further information on other safety features in this sedan, just give us a call or drive over to Vermilion Chrysler Ltd. to test drive the Dodge Charger today.