Safe, Family Commuting With Jeep Compass

Compact SUVs score major points with families, combining roomy cabins and cargo areas with great in-cabin amenities. Advanced safety features are a must as well. Jeep Compass boasts over 70 standard and available safety features, a detail that our Vermilion Chrysler Ltd. team members with families really love. Here are two safety features that explain why Jeep Compass remains the most popular in its category.

Collision Warning & Active Braking

Compass detects objects in front it even when it's moving through Vermilion at full speed. Radar sensors detect obstructions ahead or rapid approaches toward objects ahead. Compass issues a warning and actively brakes if driver reflexes prove slower than road conditions.

Blind Spot Monitoring

Compass watches your back at all times, scanning the road and looking out for vehicles that enter your blind spot zones on either side. If Compass detects a vehicle in one of your blind spots, it issues an alert, helping you to make more careful, timely decisions crossing lanes or merging.

Experience all the incredible safety features that Jeep Compass has to offer. Visit our dealership today for a test drive. We look forward to your visit.